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Breast cancer in Albay Province : a case study


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Graduate School - Bicol University


STUDY DESIGN: This study was anchored on the Health-Continuum Model. Structured questionnaire interview guide was used as the main data gathering tool.

STUDY POPULATION: Ten breast cancer cases were selected based on some criteria, namely: 39-70 years old; single or married; diagnosed earlier than 2000.


This study attempted to present the ten breast cancer cases taken from the different towns of the province of Albay. Specifically, it tries to answer the following sub-problems:

1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of:

a. age
b. civil status
c. number of children
d. occupation
e. highest educational attainment
f. monthly income
g. religion?

2. What is the history in terms of:
a. length of time diagnosed
b. signs and symptoms noticed
c. diagnostic procedure done
d. medical treatment
e. surgical intervention?

3. What are their physical, emotional, and social needs/problems?

4. What are the coping strategies utilized to meet the needs and problems?

5. What I.E.C. materials may be prepared regarding breast cancer for information dissemination?

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